Suhagra 100 mg tablets

Detailed description of the drug

Taking advantage of Suhagra pills

suhagra-over-the-counterSuhagra is a brand-new drug of the newest erectile dysfunction generation produced by the Indian company Cipla, a pharmaceutical company established in 1937. The production facilities as well as the company’s central office are located in Mumbai, India. One of the company’s bestsellers, Suhagra, is found to be effective and safe in over 180 countries. What is particularly important, the medication has managed to get approval in the United States, thus, the preparation is legally available in most competitive drugstores in the world. The remedy has passed a good number of clinical tests to get the approval of Food and Drug Administration as a medication that meets all the safety and industry standards, backed by appropriate quality certificates. Suhagra has gained impressive popularity due to its effective action and acceptable cost.


Suhagra is among the leading group of best-selling Pfizer Viagra generics. It is identical in composition to the original drug, offering the same dosage and having a similar effect. The only significant difference is the price – Suhagra is available in online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies 8-14 times cheaper than the well-known Pfizer med.

Indications for use

erectile-dysfunctionSuhagra drug is an extremely effective remedy for erectile dysfunction in men of virtually any age (18- 75 years old). It provides a safe, gentle potency increase within 3-4 hours. The medication helps with various kinds of disorders of sexual activity: cardiovascular, psychological and mixed one. What is particularly important, the drug has no effect on libido, so individuals must take into account the absence of sexual stimulation – the erection can be enhanced in case of natural excitement only. None of the clinical trials conducted in the US has registered the case of spontaneous erection.


Pharmacological action of the drug is explained by the presence of active ingredient – Sildenafil citrate in its composition. The chemical compound provides an improved blood flow to the penis due to expansion of blood vessels, which occurs due to relaxation of smooth muscles of their walls. This leads to improved elasticity of the penis for a certain period of time, which in its turn leads to persistent erection. The preparation taken in accordance with the instructions significantly increases the chance of having a full sexual intercourse. The drug prevents a rapid blood flow and creates natural potency for several hours. Importantly, the medication has no effect on the reproductive function, and it does not change the quality of semen and does not cause tolerance. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is the pathology of pelvic organs, the efficacy and duration of the drug action will be somewhat lower. Suhagra does not have any therapeutic effect, but only temporarily provides a stable and lasting male potency improvement.


Suhagra is positioned as an analog to such drugs as Viagra, Revatio and Silagra (the most common preparations are taken into account). Initially, the active ingredient of the drug – sildenafil citrate – was synthesized as a treatment for coronary heart disease, which increases the blood flow to the myocardium and improves cardiac function. However, a range of clinical trials showed a statistically significant improvement of the blood flow in male sexual organs, but not in the cardiac muscle. Therefore, the drug was reclassified into a means to combat erectile dysfunction issues, and its effectiveness stats confirm the fact that the right direction was picked.