Suhagra tablets

Generic Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg detailed description

Suhagra reviews, gathered worldwide


Martin Randwick – 37 years old, Brighton

Suhagra is good at exceeding expectations: I’ve been using magic pills from time to time and it never lets you down. A firm, straightforward effect is what I love about it. Just give it a try.


Patrick Borrough – 49 years old, New Jersey

To my mind Suhagra is better than Cialis – the effect is shorter, but more pronounced, which is something that I’m personally looking for. A decent alternative to vardenafil-based pills.


Martin Peters – 51 years old, Perth

When you turn 50 the game over fear overwhelms you. God bless those guys in the laboratory for giving a second chance – feeling young again is priceless.


Andreas Briand – 49 years old, Milwaukee

The latest ED on my list – fresh experience and a totally bargain price. Didn’t notice much difference between Suhagra and other generics, but the price explains it all.


Thomas Munz – 45 years old, Berlin

Good effect, cheap pills, minor side effects. Recommended.